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Squiggly River only exists because of the wonderful people who contribute:

Brendan Keogh


Brendan is a Squiggly River co-organiser. He is videogame culture researcher and critic and an amateur gamemaker.

Erix Verkaaik


Erix is a Squiggly River co-organiser. They dabble in digital and analogue games and like to make games about connection, exploration and discovery.

Rose Wolfe


Rose is a Squiggly River co-organiser. She is a musician, programmer, an artist, and (occasionally) a game developer.

Benjamin Corrie


Also known as Bunjamoon, Benjamin is a character illustrator, concept artist and UI artist who has developed a love for all things fantasy and bringing escapist experiences to involved narratives with eccentric characters.

Ben Follington


A programmer, artist, user interface designer. Co-founder of TwoPM Studios.

Aaron Gregory

Aaron is an amateur game developer, musician, and artist. Mostly working on game jams, video game music covers, and original video game music.

Lenny Magner


Lenny is an artist and small games maker with a particular interest in Bitsy.

Riley Neville


Riley is an indie developer. They like to make games with weird and cute creatures, physicsy movement mechanics, and procedural animation.

Daniel Oaks


Daniel's a software developer, artist, and amateur gamemaker. He likes to start too many projects and not finish enough of them.

Cypress Reeves


Cypress is an occasional game creator and enthusiastic queer who will finish a project one day, she swears.

Ariadne Sage


Ariadne is a Unity Gamedev, Environment Artist and aspiring Shader Witch.

Noah Seymour


Noah is a creative person who likes to make a variety of things. Their speciality is Game Design and they are working on Webbed!

Mel Taylor


Mel is a narrative designer and director of Mellow Games. She loves making games about human psychology, social commentary, robots and cats.